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Honestly, we work all of the time

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Charleston, SC


Honestly, we work all of the time!

Just call or email us!

Call or Text Us!


5 Step Ranking Process:

Website Redesign and Launch

Month 1

  • Competitive Keyword Research
  • Custom Responsive Web Design
  • Content Copywriting

Google Maps Acceleration

Month 1-6

  • Local Citations Created
  • GMB setup
  • Citations Activated/Indexed
  • Maps Listing Overhaul

Technical Website SEO

Month 2-12 *Depends on package

  • Competitor Backlink Research
  • Backlink Planning and Scheduling
  • Influence Content and Linking
  • Content Updating
  • Blog/Article posting

Updates/Placement Anchoring

Month 12-24

  • Update All Content Monthly
  • Continue Review Strategy
  • Backlinking to Anchor Placement
  • 2nd Round of Influence Content and Linking

Assessment and Goal Setting

Month 10

  • Evaluate Search/Maps Placement
  • Evaluate Ranking Goals
  • Schedule New Content Creation
  • Adjust Review Results as Needed

Monthly Fee Schedule for SEO packages:

Month 1-12: 100%           Month 13-24: 75%        Month 24 onward: 50%

No contracts.  All services are offered on a month by month basis after first 3 months.

If Top 3 spot attained for Map Pack GMB AND Organic ranking, no sliding scale due to expense associated with maintaining highly sought after ranking. Sliding scale is after attaining page 1 ranking for listing.

If you commit to 12+ month contract, pricing starts at 75% of standard fee

Monthly Fees:

Prices are an average and could be adjusted up or down depending on industry & location.  Factors include competitiveness of local businesses and population size (< 100k, < 350k, < 1 million, > = 1 million).