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You have your new website, now what? LOCAL SEO! Remember the business card analogy? The business card tucked away in your pocket that never comes out is like having a website that doesn’t rank on page 1. I mention this because properly done SEO is like playing the long game. You don’t wave the magic SEO wand and all of a sudden your optimized site is sliding into the Top 3 like Benny The Jet stealing home. Nope, not going to happen.

According to SEO toolset Ahref’s, the average age of pages that rank in the Top 3 positions on search results range from 800-950 days. 22% of pages in the Top 10 are less than 1 year old. Why would I mention this? Am I trying to talk you out of doing SEO work?
Absolutely not. Quite the opposite. These statistics serve as a stark reminder that good rankings don’t happen overnight. This should motivate you to launch your SEO campaign yesterday.

You need to take MASSIVE action right now to start getting your site up perfecting local SEO and ranking to Page 1. And again, this is the long game. Once you establish yourself and continue to do SEO maintenance as discussed before, you’re on your way to lead heaven ensuring your business is seen by everyone, all the time, everywhere.

Back to our digital real estate metaphor. Your website is your online ‘house’. Doesn’t your physical property have monthly cost? Electric, water, interior cleaning, yard maintenance, property taxes, etc. You get the picture.

Online properties have on-going expenses too. You wouldn’t let your house crumble to pieces where it looks like nature is taking over because of some Chernobyl accident. Maybe you aren’t trying to win yard of the month with your home, but we will always be trying to win your site a Top 3 rank using local SEO, deeming it a local authority in your area.

There are a variety of factors that affect the speed at which we can rank your site. Mostly, it’s your competition and how much of a head start they have on you. But, don’t worry. We are here to chase them down, and as David Goggin’s so poetically puts it, take their soul when we pass them while flying your banner overhead.

Local SEO can be really simple to understand. Here it is in a nutshell.

Create killer content (on-page SEO) and make your website an authority with undeniable trust and reputation (off-page SEO). If you have killer content, other sites will want to reference your page, which makes your site worth linking to. Essentially, you are the authority in your niche.



Google wants to showcase to people searching on their site that they are so smart and have scoured the web to find ‘the right’ website for your viewing pleasure. They don’t want to return irrelevant, dingy websites because then you wouldn’t trust Google to give you quality results. They don’t want you going to other search engines, so they do everything they can to make sure they are only showcasing the best in the search results.  That’s why local SEO expertise is so important.

Why do you think Wikipedia is always coming up at the top of search results? They have the most authoritative content and the most external linking on almost every subject matter. Same thing goes for your website. You need content, not some 2-3 sentence explanation of what you do. Scroll down and look at some of the data we included in the content creation section. You need content – it matters, a lot.

Local SEO done right, will increase your traffic, ROI, brand awareness and will build digital trust in the eyes of Google.

It’s the process of optimizing your site for any given keyword or set of keywords for a search engine and having content that speaks to those specific words.

It’s simple to say you’ll go after your niche word. That’s pretty basic and logical. But, we need to go 2nd and 3rd level here. The derivative of the derivative (my finance side sneaks in every once in awhile).

For example, say you want to sell protein powder. A long tail keyword might be “best protein powder for women weight loss”. Or, better yet, having the right keyword with the highest search volume can make a huge difference when people are trying to find you online. What if you run an auto shop and you are optimizing for dash covers? But what if the higher volume key word is dashboard covers or dashboard repair? You might think this is simple, and it is, but I’ve seen these small details constantly overlooked by “the other guys”.

We have a treasure chest of tools for our keyword research strategies, and we’ll exhaust every single one of them and then cross-reference our research to find the best and most trafficked keywords for your niche.

If you know what service provides you the highest margins while also having the highest frequency of request (which you should, wink wink), then we can optimize your site towards that specific service. Why cast a wide net and cross your fingers hoping you’ll land a high margin, high value client? We can literally drive traffic to your site and rank for anything you want. Some terms will be more difficult than others and will take much longer to penetrate page 1 or the Top 3 of page 1, but with persistence and a solid game plan, we will accomplish that goal. And I won’t stop until we get you there.

To master Local SEO, we’ll start by doing a full website audit and competitive analysis to see how you are stacking up to the local competition. We’ll then implement our tried and trusted process to find you the keywords that are relevant to your niche and have the highest value to your business. We’ll then make sure your content is optimized towards those words and get to work on the off-site SEO tasks, which work in tandem with our on-site SEO tasks.

This basket of fun (off-site) is SEO activities like back-linking, citations, GMB (Google My Business) optimization and many other duties that are part of our holistic SEO methodology.

Just remember that SEO takes time and requires an ongoing commitment, but our strategies are consistently working with other clients just like you and are constantly being assessed to keep pace with the Google Dance (our fun word for their algo change).

Local SEO: What does On-Site and Off-Site SEO entail?

On-Site Strategies


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Social Tags

Competitor analysis in your niche. And, we aren’t just looking at your city. We’ll digitally cruise around the US to find other sites relevant to your niche that are ranking and dominating their local market. We’ll implement a ‘copy-cat’ method and do what we know is already working. Think about it. Google has already proclaimed that they like what these other sites are doing because they are showcasing them on page 1. You can’t hide your SEO strategy, and if you know what to look for when the curtain is pulled back, you can use that key information to your advantage.

Our tools allow us to dive deep into a website to see exactly what strategies they are using. The funny thing, of course, is that everyone has access to the same information, but how you reassemble the disparate pieces into a cohesive, working plan is truly the secret sauce. It’s like a puzzle that is broken up into tiny little pieces and scattered all over the Internet. Or a broken glass that only reflects a small image or piece of the puzzle. We’ll go around, collect what looks totally irrelevant, bring it back to our digital warehouse and piece together your SEO Picasso.


  • The average first page result on Google consist of 1,890 words.
  • The average content length of the top positioned Google article contains 2,416 words.

Organic search results are what we are after at Decisions Unlimited. We will create targeted, highly developed content that improves and maintains the visibility of your website. This all about building trust in Google’s eyes. We want them to crawl your website and feel like they have no other choice but to show you off to any searcher interested in your services. Killer content inspires engagement, increases rankings and influences consumer behavior.

The end goal is to build a digital friendship between your brand and the reader, so that they feel inspired to bring their business to your business. Effective content is a necessary tool that encourages conversions within a target audience. It helps you stand out amongst the digital crowd and provides a resource for people to share online.

We are writing to improve your brand and online reputation. We want to be your ghostwriter, and we’ll bring our expertise to pen and pad (wait, keyboard and word document) to tell the world about your brand.

On-site optimization means correctly positioning content and page engagement in the right place at the right time. Make things easy on your potential new clients so they have effortless navigation and offer appealing visuals that make them do the head shake. You know, the one with the implied “Now that’s not bad”.

Conversion is what pays the bills, so getting to your page is only half of the battle. We don’t want them leaving to go check out the competition. We want them to say to themselves, “this is exactly what I was looking for”. Why leave when you already found what you desired.

As you age, you realize the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. With our web designs, we are confident that even if they do leave, they’ll be coming back because there is no way the other sites can live up to our quality and standards.

Seriously, if we didn’t think we weren’t able to be the best out there, we wouldn’t be in the market of web design and development; we’d focus our efforts elsewhere.

Sometimes, we just have to tell a client that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. If we are willing to work with you, you can be sure that we see opportunity in your local market. And we will go out and claim those high rankings for you with our stunning websites and strategies!

Off-Site Strategies

No going to lie here. This isn’t our favorite, but it is a huge component of not only the initial ranking process, but also on-going SEO management that allows you to maintain that top position.

At our core, we are creators, designers, writers and go-getters. Back-linking is tedious, research-intensive work. It’s the kind of stuff you better have a long playlist for because you’re going to be at your desk for a while. That’s ok with us though because Spotify is like religion, and we’ll use this time link building to jam out like it’s 1999 while juicing up your site with high quality, authoritative links from influential sites.

Relevancy is key and so is quality. That’s our aim when we look to point the Internet at your site. It’s like a popularity contest and having online votes from other sites is vital when the search engines are trying to decide where to rank your site. We will create bulletproof back-linking campaigns that will boost your web presence to the next level.

Internal linking is part of the process as well. Sharing that Internet juice flow from your primary linking page (typically your Home page) to all your other pages creates this invisible circular flow within your site that powers each page. If you’ve ever had your power go out and needed a generator, think of this. Your Home page is the generator that all your other pages plug into it in order to keep the lights on. While we will individually link to service pages, our main object is getting people to your home page, so we can showcase your entire offering.

One of the fastest ways to get massive trust signals pointed at your website for maximum ranking is doing a press release. If we do a press release for your business, then Google, CNBC, Bloomberg, ABC, National Journal, Yahoo, FOX, NBC and all major media will get a custom written article that will generate newsworthy buzz and excitement around your business.

We are going to leverage 1000’s of major media, news and blogs to distribute your site around the Internet cementing your name as a leader in your field.

We guarantee over 300 live sites will showcase your Press Release earning you laser targeted traffic to prospects that want to learn more about your brand.

You can use the coveted “As Seen On” labeling while instilling trust and authority to your brand. Controlling your narrative is our mission and we’ll do that with a news worthy Press Release that has 500+ words crafted specifically for your business.

We now even have the option to embed your Google My Business map pack listing, which is NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE. Yeah, we know. Dust off the shoulders. We are going to take your business for a ride to ranking heaven.

This is just one of the tools at our disposal and available to you exclusively at Decisions Unlimited.

Our last tactic is to gain authority for your site by sharing comments from industry experts. Getting feedback from your audience will be immediate once we start sharing comments from industry experts.

Just a typical day ‘round here and we want you to be a part of it.